Olney Town Colts FC


Having re-formed the Colts with a single side of 8 boys in 2001, we will have over 460 players signed on for the 2022/23 season.

We are an FA charter standard club (*** accredited) with 31 teams covering all age groups from U5s to U18 years old, with 57 qualified FA Level 1 coaches, 6 x FA Level 2s (UEFA C), 1 x UEFA B and 68 trained first aiders.

Although we support mixed football, we also have 3 dedicated girls squads and hope to start more in future seasons (particularly a ladies team).

We also have 2 adult mens squads playing in the North Bucks League (Premier & division 1 ) , which are competitive teams but also offer ongoing development for our
ex-youth players.

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The Colts Committee shall appoint an adult Team Manager for each Team each season.

The Colts Committee expects that each Team Manager will:

Please note: The leagues in which we play restrict the sizes of squads that we are allowed to register at the beginning of each season.

All managers and coaches are also expected to adhere to OTCFCs Code of Conduct.

Where children approach Olney Town Colts wanting to play football, then:

The Team Manager may hold trials in order to assess the ability, attitude and behaviour of the child. The trials will not last longer than 2 training sessions.
A player/parent may also wish to have 'taster' training sessions to gauge suitability/enjoyment, in which case, up to 2 training sessions would be regarded as a trial.
In both scenarios a club registration form must still be completed (emergency contact details, medical conditions etc..)
No subscription is payable until the child has been formally accepted by the manager after these 2 sessions.

The Team Manager may accept the application on the following basis:

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Football Policy

We want to make sure that the children at OTCFC have a fun and safe environment in which to play competitive football, and that we develop players so that they can enjoy the sport and where appropriate, play at the highest possible standard.

For continued player development and to ensure that our football club can compete at the uppermost level of competition (from Colts through to senior level), we must ensure that an ongoing process of player evaluation and streaming of ability (so that players can compete at an appropriate level) begins as early as possible.

As a progressive club, we have started to initiate a programme whereby youth players are developed all the way from mini football through to our senior adult team.

We fully appreciate that youth players develop at varying ages, which is why 'mixing & streaming' is an ongoing process.
Team managers can provide more details on request.

In exceptional circumstances, a player may be allowed to play in an age group 1 year above their age. If this involves a transfer between OTCFC squads, prior to any agreements being made, each squad’s manager and coaches must discuss with the parents and then meet with a Committee member to discuss in full the implications. Only on OTCFC Committee approval may such a transfer then take place.

OTCFC strongly believe in developing players from the age of 5yrs old through to adult football which is why we offer senior football in the North Bucks league (Saturday pm). These teams exist to provide a gateway to senior football once youth players leave the u16-u18 squads. Players are still required to pay subs and where necessary undertake additional fundraising activities in order for playing costs to be covered.

Although external players may be required in order to supplement the squad, the committee and managers will endeavour to ensure that the majority of players in each weekly squad have at some stage played Colts youth football.  

The managers, coaches and committee members all put a lot of time and effort into making the club work successfully, therefore your assistance and cooperation is appreciated.

Everyone is asked to support the Team Managers & Club in the decisions that they make, but parents, players, managers and coaches have an appeal facility via the Colts Committee.

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Subscriptions 2022/23

In order to keep subscriptions to a minimum, OTCFC greatly appreciates all fundraising, sponsorship and donations.

Player subscriptions have been held at the same price for the last 3 seasons, but in order to cover increasing overheads and winter training costs, subs are now ;

By accepting the fee Olney Town Colts provide:

NOTE: Given the low costs of subs, all kit is the property of Olney Town Colts FC. If players do not return kit when requested, the following payment is required: Jacket £20, Sweatshirt £15, Joggers (where supplied) £15, Shirt £15, Shorts £5, Socks £3. If any funds are owed to OTCFC, via the FA, players may be prevented from signing for any other club.

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Health & Safety

In order to offer safe facilities for football, and in order to satisfy the Football Clubs requirements for Insurance cover, all colts training and matches need to be supervised by someone appropriately qualified and recognised by the Colts Committee. For the purposes of describing the policy, this person will be referred to as the supervisor. The supervisor could be a manager, trainer, coach or supervising parent. 

OTCFC club policy and best practice is that a team should not play or train more than once in any 48hr period without the express permission of the club committee.
This is to avoid injuries relating to excessive play and to ensure that players are not overly exerted.

The following statements represent the safety policy:

Breaches in this safety policy should be reported to the Colts Committee as soon as possible.
Parents expressing concerns over the safe conduct of activities should report these in writing to the Club Welfare Officer who along with the Chairman and Secretary, will conduct an investigation and respond accordingly.

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Code of Conduct, Discipline, Equality & Child Protection

Code of Conduct & Discipline

Before the start of every season, all players, parents, coaches, managers and committee members must agree to the FAs Code of Conduct (communicated and agreed to as part of the annual registration process).
These can also be seen at https://www.thefa.com/get-involved/respect/play-your-part

At training and matches, the supervisors will ensure that children taking part in the activity conduct themselves in a proper manner. Any behaviour which places the safety of others taking part in the activity will be dealt with by reprimand in the first instance for less serious offences or suspension (either to individuals, or the entire activity) where the risk of injury is unacceptable. Team Managers have the right to suspend or expel children who continually fail to meet the required standards of behaviour and safe practice. Instances of suspension and expulsion should be reported to the Colts Committee. Appeals against suspension or expulsion should be made in writing to the Colts Committee. The Colts Committee will investigate the suspension or expulsion and respond in writing.


We as a Club aim to treat all members of the community fairly and equally, taking into account any special needs that people might have. The aim of this statement is to ensure that nobody receives less favourable treatment on any grounds.

Child Protection

From time to time we will publicise your child’s teams achievements through local media, football newsletters and on our new website. This is achieved usually with the use of digital pictures of the teams or match reports. By signing the club registration form you provide permission for images of the player to be used as stated above. Olney Town Colts F.C. recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in football. As part of our commitment to ensure the safety of young people we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and the young person. Olney Town Colts F.C will follow the guidance for the use of images of children and young people. Olney Town Colts F.C will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purpose they are intended which the promotion and celebration of the activities of Olney Town Colts F.C. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Olney Town Colts. F.C immediately. The F.A Child protection department has produced the following guidelines on best practice (golden rules) on the use of images of children and young people.

The Ten Golden Rules: